General Sex Education

General Sex Education

DISCLAIMER: The following resources is a non-exhaustive list of possible resources to learn more about sexual health and sex education. Engaging with these resources is NOT a substitute for formal consultation or ongoing continuing education in the area of sexual health and sex education. The SIG reminds readers to practice within their scope of competence.

Guidance Document 

National Sex Education Standards (US)

International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education (Global)

Framework for Core Competencies of Sexuality Educators (Europe)

Professional Learning Standards for Sex Education (North America)

Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe (Europe)

Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (US)


Power Up Education – Sexual Health Workbooks (Body Smart Right from the Start; Puberty: Coming to a Body Near You; Beyond Puberty)

Sex is a Funny Word

What Makes a Baby

 It’s Perfectly Normal

It’s Not the Stork

It’s So Amazing

Amazing You: Getting Smart About Your Private Parts

Who Has What?

Talk Sex Today

S.E.X. (2nd Ed) The all-you-need-to-know sexuality guide to get you through your teens and twenties

Wait, What? A comic book guide to relationships, bodies, and growing up

Drawn to Sex: The Basics

Boys, Girls, and Body Science

Internet Resources:

Teaching Sexual

Sex Information & Education Council of Canada – downloadale resources

Questions and Answers: Gender Identity in Schools

Questions & Answers: Sexual Orientation in Schools

Questions & Answers: Sexual Health Education for Youth with Physical Disabilities

Options for Sexual Health (Vancouver)

Teen Health Source

Every Body Curious

Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health (ASPSH)

Sex & U

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights